90% of patients are afraid of the dentist as a result of unpleasant experiences lived in the past. This is the most important factor that stops them from going to the dentist even for a consultation.

We came to support, help you defeat this fear and rediscovering your smile and your self-confidence.

1. At the first visit at our clinic, Dr. Horia Barbu will allocate his time to check you up and to listen to your wishes and fears regarding the dental treatment. He will answer to all your questions regarding the possible treatment plans, the pre-surgical preparation, the possible interventions in your case, post-surgical care and the treatment duration. Also, he will give you the best advices and proper solutions for your case.

2. The treatment plan is discussed in advance with you, being explained in details:

  • The doctor will present to you the initial stage using the CT and the intraoral camera where you can see the radiographic images of the bone and teeth at increased size.
  • The final result will be presented on the monitor, the communication doctor-patient being in this case improved by explaining some details that cannot be shown to the patients.

3. Each complex case is carefully analyzed by a team of two university lectors, specialized in implant surgery, prostheses and dental esthetic that prepare the treatment plans, succeeding in finding always the best solutions for you.

4. In Dr. Barbu clinic each workmanship is realized by a doctor that has a practice strictly focused on a single domain, so the specialty (Endodontics, Orthodontics, Surgery, Implantology, Prosthtodontics) and its experience will be part in the getting of the best results.

5. In our clinic, the sterilization is of high quality because Associate Professor Doctor Horia Barbu introduced in the dental medicine, techniques of sterilization, of manipulation and intraoperative gesticulation, studied for many years is orthopedic surgery, in the orthopedic operation rooms. It is unanimously recognized the fact that in the orthopedic surgery the sterilization is made at high quality and you have to know how to maintain it during the whole intervention.

For your safety: In Dr. Barbu Clinic, in any moment every member of our team or their family can be operated in the same sterilization conditions as you.

Even if the sterilization procedure in Romania is not that strict, in Dr. Barbu Clinic, the instruments are sterilized in 2 plastic bags for preventing any perforation of the bag and to maintain the sterilization in perfect conditions, as well as the law in the Western Europe states. The terms of expiration of the sterilization are firmly respected; the sterilization machine is replaced from 3 to 3 years, even if it is functional. Both doctors and nurses wear during the whole intervention sterile gloves that are changed after each patient. All the machines handles that are touched during the intervention are covered with a special foil.

6. The access through the dental cabinets is made only with covered shoes with a special foil.

7. All the interventions are prepared in advance. The patients are requested to give their complete medical history, a list with analyses, cardio consult, CT (which unlike a simple radiography, it shows each detail of the root and the bone, with mistakes almost inexistent) in order to having the possibility of analyzing all the risks. Before and during the intervention, the patients have the voltage measured, the pulse and oxygen saturation so the doctor can be sure that everything is extremely safe for the patient. If after the consultation the doctor realizes that the patient has a problem (cardio, ORL, diabetic, endocrinology or neurologic) that might affect even in the smallest amount the success and security if the intervention, he or she is sent firstly to the specialist doctor to fix that problem. To prevent the pain and excessive swelling (inflation) after the intervention, our patients follow a therapeutic protocol, specially made by Dr. Horia Barbu, after many years of research and studies.

8. All the interventions are made with local anesthesia. Though, if the patients feels uncomfortable or has an excessive fear, the intervention is made with superficial intravenous analog-sedation or general anesthesia. In this situation the patient will be carefully supervised during the procedure by a specialized doctor in anesthesia and intensive therapy. In Dr. Barbu clinic we give treatments with general anesthesia to children too, who are afraid and do not want to sit on the dental chair ( the children are assisted during the treatment by an anesthetist doctor specialized on children care), and to persons with physical disabilities too.

9. In our clinic we use modern techniques and the latest machines.

why the dr. Barbu clinic?


  • We have an enlarged specialization field (participation on hundreds of specialization courses, the publication of hundreds of articles in prestigious national and international magazines, books in national and international publishers) in all the branches of the implant surgery.
  • Because we initiated and finalized various scientifically researches in implantology and bone addition.
  • Because we give all of our attention to each case and each detail.
  • Because we work with a team of specialized people.
  • Because we have techniques and modern machines.
  • Because our sterility is impeccable.
  • Because every patient is important.

Our interventions have a success rate of over 98%.

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