Piezosurgery- MAXIMAL precision for doctors, MINIMAL discomfort for patients.

It is one of the most new and advanced ultrasound technologies, used in dental surgery, that helps the intervention to be minimally invasive, takes less time and with a security of 100%, the very important soft parts (gum, nerves, lips, arteries) not being injured by using this […]

PRF Membrane (Platelet-Rich Fibrin)- Natural healing with 90% faster!

How is the membrane obtained? Before a surgical intervention we take a small amount of blood from the patient. The blood is centrifuged and this way the plasma is separated from the platelet concentrate forming a natural membrane.What is it used for? The obtained membrane can be used to protect […]

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG Microscope – an optical performance and an investor in the future of the patient’s health.

The ability to see the finest details is very important for a correct diagnosis and a perfect treatment. So, with microscope help, the image can be increased up to 22 times, this representing the perfect combination between the clarity and the precision of the performed treatment in […]

Osstell ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient) – Innovative technology for monitoring the stability of the implant, which gives indications with 98% accuracy linked with the Osseointegration of the implant.

The latest used implants in Dr. Barbu clinic are  fast Osseointegration implants (are fixed in the bone faster), so the treatments can be done faster and sooner. By analyzing the resonance frequency, this machine establishes with precision the stability of the implant, receives the vibrations from the formed magnetic field, and protects them through a number from […]

IRaise – minimally invasive sinus lift

Dr. Horia Barbu is the doctor that has introduced in Romania, in 2009, by collaborating with specialists from Israel, the invasive procedure called iRaise. In our clinic took place the first minimally invasive sinus lifts surgery that enjoyed huge success, and since then more […]

APEX LOCATOR MORITA- is the latest apex locator (5th generation) used in root canal treatments (endodontics)

It is an operating system with double frequency that works perfectly in dried and wet canals, precisely measures regardless of the canal’s state or the presence of electrolytes, bleedings or saline. It assures the specific impedance […]

ZOOM lamp – a revolutionary dental method ideal for patients who ask for immediate results!

The whitening procedure ZOOM is simple and painless. It starts with a short preparation in order to isolate the gums and lips, then there is applied the professional ZOOM gel which is activated by a special conceived lamp. In our clinic, we use the […]

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