I graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in 1999 and I practiced dental medicine for 4 years as a general dentist. In 2004, after 6 months of learning, I started the residency with the specialization on “Dentoalveolar surgery”. Starting with 2012 I am MD on this specialty.

Currently I am the dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine within  Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, and as an associate professor, I coordinate the “Oral implantology” discipline for the universitary program of undergraduate and graduate.

In what regards the Implantology, in the last 8 years I went to private specialization courses”One-to-One”  next to famous persons in the Implantology world, professors at well-known universities (Tel Aviv University, Munster University, New York University, Harvard University, Boston University, Catholic University of Daegu) widening my informations and studying over 40 surgical advanced techniques, vital in bone and gum reconstruction in order to insert dental implants.

Starting with 2007, after a project in Israel, I used for the first time the growth factors (PRF) in bone addition and sinus lift techniques, and I started the procedure “Teeth in one day”. I sustained my Ph.D. in a general medicine field in 2011, studying the particularities of the osteoporosis and osteonecrosis at patients with osteoporosis that were candidates for dental implants. I graduated 2 master programs in Implantology: “Oral implanto-prothetic rehabilitation” at UMF Carol Davila in Bucharest and “Metallic Materials in Medicine” at the Politehnica University in Bucharest.

My clinical experience is materialized through various published books and over 40 articles what appeared in prestigious national and international magazines (with impact factor), covering a wide range in Implantology and Endocrinology branch.

I was invited to participate as lecturer at various Congresses and National and International Conferences (India, Italy, Israel, Austria, USA, and Korea) where I presented my research results and my clinical cases. I was and I am involved in several multicentrical studies with New York University, Boston University, Tel Aviv University and Sweden, linked with guided bone regeneration and jaw sinus augmentation techniques.

In the Faculty of Dental Medicine I organized various Symposiums, Conferencess and Congresses, and in 2015 I founded the Implantology Institute “IADET – Institute of Advance Dental Education and Training” – Europe Branch, a subsidiary of IADET Singapore, in which we organize advanced courses of specialization in Implantology.

In present days I practice in „Clinica de reabilitare orala Dr.Barbu” (“Oral rehabilitation Clinic “Dr. Barbu”) in Bucharest, only in Implantology, being specialized in bone augmentation, sinus lift techniques, complex oral rehabilitation and very difficult cases.

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