The main reason why #Invisalign is the most popular orthodontic treatment for adults is the discreet appearance of the aligners. Traditional braces are very obvious and this can cause some patients to lose self-confidence, smile less often and be more reserved.

Invisalign offers an extremely discreet and equally effective solution to help you transform your smile, without affecting your social life or self-esteem.


Why choose INVISALIGN?

🔹 it is effective and fast (the treatment can last only 8 months);

🔹 it is comfortable, transparent and detachable;

🔹 the aligners are 100% customized, which offers increased comfort and does not affect the gums at all;

🔹 is the most advanced invisible dental appliance in the world.

🔹 this device is based on 20 years of research, more than 900 patents, the largest 3D printing operation in the world and clinical data following the treatment of over 6 million people.

🔹 the device must be worn 22 hours a day, without affecting the effectiveness of the treatment at all

🔹 you will not have to have a special food diet or worry about food scraps, because the device is detachable

🔹 visits to the dental office are diminishing (representing an advantage during this period), because you can change the splints yourself.


The treatment process

In a first consultation you will be given all the necessary information about the INVISALIGN device.

Before creating a treatment plan, orthodontist Dr. Sorana Barbu will take a dental impression with the help of an intraoral scanner. The fingerprint that will be sent to Invisalign to develop a detailed treatment plan.

The 3D virtual treatment plan gives you the opportunity to visualize the series of trips your teeth are expected to go through during treatment, so you can see what your teeth will look like at the end of Invisalign treatment before just to start.

When you start treatment with Invisalign, you will wear each set of custom aligners in two-week stages. As you use series aligners one at a time, your teeth will begin to migrate, little by little, gradually moving toward the projected final position.


During all this time, you will have occasional check-ups in the dentist’s office to monitor your progress and to make sure that you feel comfortable with this treatment.
The duration of a treatment varies from person to person, depending on the complexity of each problem related to teeth straightening. You will discuss this aspect with the specialist doctor Sorana Barbu during the consultation.




In the Prof. Dr. Barbu Clinic, the treatment is created and coordinated by an orthodontist – Dr. Sorana Barbu Tecuceanu


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