I am a graduate of the Faculty of Dental Medicine from Titu Maiorescu University, promotion of 2003 and I am a specialized orthodontist doctor since 2006. I am a certified specialized doctor in the latest orthodontic treatments with invisible machines INCOGNITO® since 2007 and INVISALIGN® since 2014.

My professional results come from the continuous preparation and the interest I take in each case, and with the gratitude coming from the patients I am recommended as a specialist in orthodontic treatment.

I took part in specialization courses in Romania and abroad next to well-known people from orthodontic branch:

– Course “Edgewise Modern” – (first part), Romania, 2004.

– Course “Edgewise Modern” – (second part), Romania, 2006.

– Course “Typodont Course III”, Romania, 2006.

– Course “Estetică şi Funcţionalitate printr-o abordare interdisciplinară” (“Aesthetics and Functionality using a interdisciplinary approach”) 2007.

– “The Incognito Lingual Bracket System” Certification Course, 2007

– Course „ Lingual Ortodontic Course”, Romania, 2007.

– Course „Straight Wire Technique”, II edition, 2007.

– Course „MBT Romania” III edition, 2007.

– Course „Annual Self-ligating Meeting” Madrid, Spain, 2008.

– Course „Implanturile ortodontice şi modul de ancorare în ortodonţie” („Ortodonthic Implant and the anchoration in Orthodontics), 2008.

– Course „Disjuncţia. Managmentul cazurilor chirurgicale şi a celor de la graniţa chirurgical/ortodonţie utilizând tehnicile MBT, autoligaturanţa şi miniimplantele” („Disjunction. The management of surgical cases and the ones at the border between surgery and orthodontics using MBT techniques, self-legating braces and mini-implants”) 2009.

– Course „Wire bending the orthodontic art form”, Romania, 2009.

– Course „Orthodontic Seminars of California Dr Larry Brown”, 2010.

– Course of perfectioning „in Office ” Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2010.

– Course „Mecanica ortodontică” („Orthodontic Mechanics”) – Prof. univ. dr. Gerald Samson, 2011.

– Course „Diagnosticul, planificarea şi mecanica tratamentului ortodontic” („Diagnosis, planification and mechanics of the Orthodontic treatment”), Prof.univ.dr. Richard McLaughlin, 2011.

– Course „Tratamentul ortodontic-sistematizare şi eficienţă” („Orthodontic treatment – systematization and efficiency)   , Prof. dr Richard McLaughlin, 2011.

– Course „Abordarea contemporană a ortopediei dentofaciale” („Contemporary approach of dentofacial orthopedics”), Prof. dr. Tiziano Baccetti, 2011.

– Course „Cum şi când să tratăm anomaliile scheletale şi dentare” („How and when to treat dental and skeletal anomalies”), Prof. dr. Tiziano Baccetti, 2011.

– Course „Cefalometria-perfecţiune şi control” („Cephalometrics-perfection and control”) cu Prof dr Pacurar, 2012:

  • Biomechanical abnormalities simplicity for a class II.
  • Crowding control.

–    Course „Îmbunătăţirea tratamentului ortodontic”(„Improvement of the orthodontic treatment”) – Prof Dr john Bennett, 2012.

–    „The 7th International Incognito Appliance System Users Meeting”, Paris, 2013.

–    „Introductory Course to Face philosophy of treatment”, Dr. Domingo Martin, 2014.

–    „Curs certificare Invisalign” („Invisalign Certification Course”) Dr. Andrea Bazzucchi, 2014.

Dr Sorana Tecuceanu
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