I am one of the first doctors that joined the team Dr. Barbu since 2010, when I started to work as a personal assistant on surgery for Conf. Univ. Dr. Horia Barbu, who was the one who discovered my abilities and encouraged me into developing my skills in dental surgery. Since 2011 I work in Dr. Barbu Clinic in both general dentistry and oral surgery and I periodically take several specialization courses:

  • National symposium with international participation “Viziunea interdisciplinară în medicina dentară”(“Interdisciplinary Vision in Dental Medicine” Congress) , Titu Maiorescu, Bucharest, June 2011.
  • Course „Concepte Actuale în Tehnicile Chirurgicale Parodontale de Refacere Tisulară superficială şi profundă”(“Current concepts in Periodontal Surgical Techniques for superficial and deep tissue regeneration”), Prof.dr. Cinel Maliţa, January 2011.
  • International Congress “Updates în reabilitarea orală estetică complexă” (“Updates in oral aesthetics full rehabilitation”), sustained by Conf. univ. dr. Anamaria Bechir, Prof.univ.dr. Doina Lucia Ghergic, November 2012.
  • National congress with international participation “Viziunea interdisciplinară în medicina dentară”(“Interdisciplinary Vision in Dental Medicine” Congress), Titu Maiorescu, Bucharest, May 2012.
  • Symposium “Particularităţile lucrărilor metalo-ceramice pe implanturi succese-eşecuri” (“Particularities of metal-ceramic crowns on implants – successes and failures”)     , Dr. Alexandru Brezoescu, April 2013.
  • “Oral Implant Study Club”, Prof. Emanuel Bratu, Prof. univ. dr. Horia Barbu, April 2013.
  • International Congress“Updates în reabilitarea orală estetică complexă”( (“Updates in oral aesthetics full rehabilitation” Congress), sustained by Emanuel Bratu, Prof. Alexandru Petre, Prof. Ioan Sîrbu, prof. Adi Lorean, Prof. Ziv Mazor, Prof. Liran Levin, Prof. Dong-Seok Sohn, Prof. Joseph Nissan, Conf. Valeriu Fala, Octomber 2014.
  • Intensive program including hands-on training in“Oral Implantology, Bone Augmentation and Sinus Lift Procedures”, prof. Ziv Mazor, prof. Adi Lorean, conf.univ.dr. Horia Barbu, December 2014.
  • National Congress“Reabilitarea orală complexă” (“Complex Oral Rehabilitation” Congress), sustained by Prof. univ. Chairman of MAS, Preşedinte ASRM, Ion Lupan, Chişinău, September 2014.
  • Conference “Viziunea interdisciplinară în medicina dentară” (“Interdisciplinary Vision in Dental Medicine”), Romanian Society of Oral Medicine, May 2014.

Besides my  medical activity I also coordinate the organization of events and courses for doctors all around the world, sustained by Dr. Horia Barbu and Dr. Adi Lorean. I organized over 15 international courses and 40 nationals of: Sterilization in implantological surgery, Bone recovery surgery, Dental Implantology etc. attended by doctors from all around Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Australia, and I organized intensive courses for medical assistants regarding their preparations for dental offices.

            Currently I coordinate the activity of the medical team at Dr. Barbu Clinic, both assistants and doctors, and I maintain the relationship with the material providers for the dental clinic. Our decision to collaborate with a provider or a producer of materials is always based on a profound research and a product test before using them in our daily practice at the clinic. We use the best materials and this is not a cliché, because we can always prove that we chose for the patient only products and materials that are original and approved by Health Ministries and Institutions worldwide.

Dr Iasmin Jarjour
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