Because I love people and I wish to stop the pain for those around me, I decided to take courses at “Şcoala Postliceala Sanitara Fundeni”, which I graduated in 1999. I started as a medical assistant at “Institutul de Boli de Nutriţie şi Diabet Zaharat Nicolae Paulescu” and I perfected in this domain at the Clinical Institute Fundeni in the department of “bone marrow transplant” for 13 years.

Here I worked at the highest standards in what regards the rules of sterilization and prevention of disease transmission. I applied all the biological and pathological products harvesting techniques and I administrated treatments under all existent forms (central nervous intravenous catheter , subcutaneously , intramuscularly , orally , etc. ). I learned how to take care of the sick people, not of the people with one disease.               Working with patients isolated in sterile boxes, developed my abilities of communication and the capacity of empathizing with people. I learned how to offer psycho-social support and I saw what passion, devotement and implication in the medical domain means.               In this period I took courses of formation and professional perfectioning in Romania and abroad, the most important one being in Italy, in february-april 2007 “Îngrijirea copiilor cu boli hematologice şi oncologice”, Giannina Gaslini, Genova.  („Care for children with haematological and oncological diseases”, Giannina Gaslini, Genova)

Wanting to see happiness on people’s faces I decided to take courses at the Faculty of Psychology-Sociology, Univ. Hyperion, from which I graduated in 2004. Years spent in college made me aware of my potential and I rediscovered the passion for medicine, fact that leaded to me becoming a student at the Faculty of Dental Medicine within Titu Maiorescu University, in 2008.

During college at the course of “Anesthesia and dental alveolar surgery” I was honored to meet Dr. Horia Barbu which shared the same values: the passion for profession and the care for people, making me want to work with him and his team. I this way, started working in Dr. Barbu Clinic as a medical assistant in 2012, and since 2014 I work as a dentist with limited practice in endodontic.

Endodontic is a challenge for me, even if many consider it a hard or boring branch of the dental field. I still consider it a passion for the things that imply practical abilities well-developed, elaborate theoretical knowledge and a lot of patience.

My satisfaction comes from people’s smile, from taking away the pain from them  and from the gratitude they show on their face when they leave the dental office.

I participated to several specialization courses as it follows:

  • “Oral Implant Study Club”, Prof. Emanuel Bratu, Prof. univ. dr. Horia Barbu, April 2013.
  • “Updates în reabilitarea orală estetică complexă(“Updates in oral aesthetics full rehabilitation”), sustained by  Emanuel Bratu, Prof. Alexandru Petre, Prof. Ioan Sîrbu, prof. Adi Lorean, Prof. Ziv Mazor, Prof. Liran Levin, Prof. Dong-Seok Sohn, Prof. Joseph Nissan, Conf. Valeriu Fala, October 2014.
  • Profilaxia şi controlul infecţiilor în implantologie” (“Prevention and infection control in Implantology”)    trainer Elena Stoian, Lector Conf. univ.  Horia Barbu, November 2014.
  • Intensive program “Oral Implantology, Bone Augmentation and Sinus Lift Procedures”, prof. Ziv Mazor, prof. Adi Lorean, conf.univ.dr. Horia Barbu, December 2014.
  • Conference “Endodontic Master Series” Real Endo, Lector Dr. Roberto Cristescu, April 2015.
  • Course “Prepararea, curăţarea şi obturarea spaţiului endodontic” (“Preparation, Cleaning&Shaping and Filling the Endodontic space”), Lector Dr. Camil Ianeş, June 2015
  • “Curs intesiv de endodonţie la microscop” (“Intensiv Microscope Endodontic Course”), Lector Dr. Sorin Sarbu, December 2015.
Dr Elena Caldararu
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