Primary Doctor in general dentistry and specialist doctor in dental prosthesis.

I graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, UMF “Carol Davila” Bucharest in 2002 and I continued my training as a resident at the Emergency Clinical Hospital ”Sf. Pantelimon” until 2005.

Since then I practiced medicine in general dentistry, continuing in the same time with my training so in 2007 I obtained the Competence in “Maxillary Dental radiodiagnosis” level II, and in 2011 I obtained the Competence in “Oral implantology”. Since the same year I am MD in general dentistry.

In 2013 I became a specialist in Dental Prosthesis and in 2015 I obtained the title of “Doctor in dental medicine” after sustaining the project “Adhesive cementation of all-ceramic restorations” (“Cimentarea adeziva a restaurarilor integral-ceramice”).

As teaching activity, between 2005-2015 I was a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, UMF Carol Davila, where I lectured seminaries and practical papers at the “Fixed prosthetics” (“Protetica dentara fixa”) and  „Occlusology” (“Ocluzologie”) disciplines.

In 2015-2016 I was an associate professor at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, The Faculty of Dental Medicine, with hours of teaching in seminaries and practical papers at „Oral Rehabilitation” (“Reabilitare orala”) and “Technology of fixed prosthodontics” (“Tehnologia protezelor dentare fixe”) disciplines.

Since 2016 I am Associate Professor at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, Faculty of Dental Medicine and Head of Department at „Oral Rehabilitation” (“Reabilitare orala”) discipline.

I was part of various admission boards in college, license committees including written and practical tests, residency committees with different functions.

I am “Medical Opinion Leader” Ivoclar Vivadent Romania and Speaker International 1, being invited as a lecturer at dozens international Congresses of Dental Esthetic where I presented projects ( Vienna, Zagre, Novisad, Sarajevo etc.), over 100 presentation at Congresses and National Conferences in all major cities in Romania and Guest lecturer at “The Marathon of Aesthetic Dentistry” (“Maratonul de Estetica Dentara”).

I obtained the Competence in ”Oral Implantology” and I have put over 100 implants, wishing to understand better what a surgeon does and what happens during a surgical interventions. I consider that the team work is essential because I, as a Prosthodontist, must have a direct and permanent collaboration with the surgeon and even work together on treatment plans for patients. It is extremely important to establish together how many implants are needed, if there are necessary bone additions, sinus lifting procedures, bone blocks, split crest tehnique, etc.

Therefore I succeeded to achieve until the present day the following:

  • Over 3000 dental veneers: full ceramic, classical or prepared, no prep ( without preparation), ceramic veneers on refractory blunt (very slim of 0,1 mm), partial veneers that restore only a part of the tooth (incisal edge), proximal veneers for closing the diastema, partial veneers for the restoration of the incisal angles or for  the restoration of the maxillary vestibular fractured cusps.
  • Over 500 prosthetic restorations on implants – with the compliance of the gingival profile, so the tooth ,which is placed on the implant, would look like a natural tooth ( hybrid crown or hybrid blunt).
  • Overdenture on implants – either on locator systems, on a special staple system or on magnets.
  • Ceramic esthetic fillings Inlays and Onlays – which are more resistant in time than natural teeth.
  • Countless complete jaw restorations, with full physiognomy reconstruction.

I am a member in the College of  Dental Doctors Bucharest, member U.N.A.S. ( Uniunea Nationala a Asociatiilor Stomatologice/ National Union of Dental Asociations), Member I.T.I ( International Team for Implantology), Founding member and Censor of the Romanian Society of Dental Prosthetics and Maxilla-Facial.

Research projects I took part of:

  1. “Study on the influence of growth factors on bone graft osseointegration in sinus lift procedures”, responsible phase 2 Pătroi Dan Nicolae, contract no. 157/11.09.2013, period 11.09.2013-30.09.2016
  2. “Rdiological evaluation of the result of postextractional augmentation using Parasorb HD Cone RESORBA şi 3D BOND in adult pacients”, Project responsible Pătroi Dan Nicolae, contract no. 302 / 15.05.2015, period 15.05.2015-15.05.2016.
Dr Dan Patroi
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